WELDTOOL™ Silver, Nickel Silver, Platinum & Gold Brazing Alloys for Welding & Brazing


AMS SILVER Coils & Rods AMS & AWS Specifications

BaG SILVER, Nickel, Alloys, custom brazing rings.

50N, 56%, 45%, Cadmium Free, Goverment Spec, Cadmium bearing products,


Coils, Rods, Pastes and Foils. .005 to Standard diameters.
Active Brazing Wire & Paste
HVAC Brazing flat 18″ .050×18″ 1+ LB tubes SILFOS™

All AMS & AWS Specification Silver Alloys Available. From Silver Solder to Exotic brazing alloys also Paste. AMS & AWS Grade Silver based Alloys. Flux Available. AMS 3411 Black flux and White flux.

BAg -1, Through BAg-34  

BCuP-2 Through BCuP-7

Call for complete Specifications and detailed list. We offer Gold & Silver custom alloys. We carry Stay Silv products.  Custom call out and all popular brands. Coils, Rings, Sheet & Straight Wire in Alloyed Silver & Gold. Call or write to us us with your specifications.

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