All grades of Stainless Steel Welding Filler metals:
Arc Rods, MIG, TIG & SUB ARC Wire. Spray Powders PTA Transfer.
Stainless Grades & Specifications:
209, 218, 219, 302, 304, 308L, 309L, 310, 312, 316L, 317L, 320, 320LR, 321, 330, RA 330, RA333, 347, 349, 410, 410NiMo, 420, 430, 502, 505, 630, 16-8-2, 17-4PH, 15-5PH, 17-7, 13-8, & all others.

Cross references to all Avesta, Sandvik, VDM, Bohler and others. We sell RA 330, 333 and similar grades.
Turballoy grades™ Nitronic Steels and all other Welding grades available. We carry Ferillium 255
Full Range of Stainless Flux Core Wires. We sell All metal Core wires. USA Made quality.
Stainless Flux CORE TIG GTAW wire.
Stainless COATED TIG Rods. We have hard to find products!
STAINLESS FLUX CORE SPOOL WIRED: 308LT1, 309LT1, 312LT1, 316LT1, 308LAP. 309LAP, 307LC, 409L 409C-Cb
430L-Cb, 439C-Ti, 18CrCb-C
Copper Alloys: LFB, De-OX, Alum-Bronze, Nickel Silver, Silicon Bronze, and all other Copper based Alloys. EuCi, Pure Copper Electrodes.
We also sell Victor Cutting & Welding Torches. Ask About Flame Spray Kits.