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Weldtool Technologies Incorporated specializes in the supply of exotic and hard-to-find welding wire and filler rods to the welding industry.

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When you rely on the experts with 35 years of experience in Exotic Welding Filler Metals, AMS, AWS, Aerospace and Military Grade Welding Wire & Rods and hard to find alloys, you’re relying on quality.

Being able to order alloys that will show up weeks after your deadline is cumbersome to your clients, and devastating to your supply chains. One missed production deadline means another ten get backed up, and we know you can’t afford that. Weldtool Technologies has brands such as Inconel,™ Monel,™ Stellite,™ Titanium, Copper based, Bronze Alloys, Silver Brazing Wire, Tool Steel Repair Alloys, Carbon Steel Welding Alloys and related tools and supplies for every industry.

When you have projects across the globe and need specialized quality deliverables, Weldtool can deliver your products in hours rather than weeks, allowing you to meet deadlines otherwise impossible to attain. For Refineries that have last minute turn-around jobs requiring specialized welding alloys ASAP? No problem. Weldtool will deliver!

Contact WeldTool in Orange, California for premium quality welding materials, AMS, AWS Welding wire, and Filler Rods as well as Bar and Sheet stock, exotic welding product, and special tools. WeldTool provides on-call technical assistance for welding filler metal selection, friendly, expert service with Export and Logistic experience getting the product to remote job sites, and engineering assistance for product recommendation for outdated specifications. WeldTool is familiar with all old brands and callouts. Weldtool Technologies inc. is a United States & Canadian Joint Certification approved Military Supplier. Certification# 0058501. D.O.D. and Military. DFARS stamp on certifications when required. AMS, AWS, ASME, LCS, G.E., P&W, BOEING, MIL Spec., Westinghouse, Seimens, BS, EURONORM, ISO 9001/9002 MFG products

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Most of our clients rely on materials to arrive on time or they could hold up production and completion of projects. Never worry about a late delivery when you order from us.

Have a project across the globe? Need specialized and reliable products delivered in hours rather than weeks? We work 24/7 to deliver. Refinery Turn- around Job requiring specialized Welding Alloys ASAP? We respond within the same day and aim for within the same hour.

If you need a custom size or order don't hesitate to call, we have the tools to manufacture on site thousands of possible combinations of alloys, sizes and specifications.

When you place your order with us we will double check to make certain that you are going to receive your order in the exact time fram you ned it in. Precision is something you can count on with Weldtool. We also offer commercial discounts when you choose Weldtool for all your welding supply needs in the future. We are very competitive on pricing and offer the best value at the prices you'll pay.

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