Weldtool carries a wide variety of welding wire, rods, and equipment for all your needs. We manufacture custom sizes from exotic alloys that would take weeks to come in with the other guys. Call us now at (888) 919-3360 or get a look at some of our inventory below.

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WELDING WIRE reliable for your needs!

We stand behind every item we ship down to the decimal. When you are welding top end machinery & equipment you need reliable materials. With the ability to custom manufacture thousands of options, we hope to become your go to supplier.

Inconel & Monel

Designed to meet your most specific applications of these alloys.

Micro Wires

.005, .010, .020, .030 & Up We have a very wide selection of Tool Steels, SS, Cs, Titanium, Alum, Nickel, Copper & Custom grades

Nickel Based Super Alloys

Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Military, AMS, AWS Euro QQ All Grades and Sizes

Aluminum Alloys

We specialize in hard to find AMS grades. We carry European sizes we have it all even rare, obsolete, and custom grades.

AMS Grade

We carry Flag Tagged Ultra Clean Aeropsce grades, Turballoy, Haynes, High Temp, Corrosion resistant, Multimet, Rolls Royce RR, MSRR, Pratt, Boeing ,LCS Vacuum Melt grades

AWS Grade

Weldtool Has a full line of MIG, TIG, ARC, Sub ARC, PTA, Flux Core, Brazing, Solders, Strip and All know filler metal MFG or sold in the last 50 years.

Maintenance & Hardfacing

We carry All Brands and Alloys Stoody, Eutectic, MG, Rankin, UTP, and all others

Silver Brazing

Wire, Spools, Rods, AMS AWS Pastes, we deliver all know alloys in the High Alloy category from Silver , Gold to Platinum. Years of experience in category

Stainless Steel

300, 400 Duplex stainless steels. We have over 150 alloys avail in all forms

Copper & Nickel Alloys

RN 60 RN 67 RN 625 K-500 BECu, Silicon Bronze, Ampco alloys. We have the Navy covered in copper and copper nickel alloys available from stock . MIG, TIG Arc Rods. All grades and sizes.

Titanium Magnesium

All grades AMS & AWS MFG USA or Imported super wide selection with excellenct product knowledge and quality. We stock hard to find TI & Mag i

Carbon & Low Alloy

From 7018 to 71-Ti we carry every alloy in steels. Flux core, Arc Rods TIG Rods you name it Trusted brands such As ESAB, Lincoln, Hobart.

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