Weldtool offers multiple forms of brazing filler metals. Listed below are the specialty forms of our filler metals. Contact us for a quote of available brazing filler alloys.

Brazing Pastes
Weldtool brazing pastes are made from combining binders with powders of a variety of alloys. Pastes have a long shelf life and are easy to apply. They are available in 5 lb. bulk container, 3.5 oz. syringes, and 8 oz. cartridges.

Brazing PowderWeldtool brazing powders are fully certified high temperature, high purity brazing filler metals. They are available in a variety of alloys and are available in both vacuum and inert atmosphere applications. They are available in 5, 10 or 50 lb. containers.

Brazing Foil
Weldtool brazing foils are available in a variety of alloys, such as silver, gold, copper, etc. They range in thicknesses up to 0.003 in.

Brazing Rope
Weldtool brazing rope is a highly flexible, dry brazing filler metal that comes in rope form. Brazing rope is designed for furnace brazing and is a brazing product that allows for consistent application, allowing for more consistent braze fillets. Weldtool brazing rope is sold in spools, is available in a variety of alloys and has a range in diameter of 0.020 in. to 0.10 in.. 

Brazing Tape
Weldtool brazing tape provides a great and controlled way for applying a precise amount of a filler metal or to coat an alloy. Applications of brazing tape include felt metal seal brazing and honeycomb seal brazing. Brazing tapes are available in any alloy form that can be made into powder form. Brazing tape is available in a thickness ranging from 0.002 in. to 0.08 in. and a width of 0.125 in. to 24 in. 

Brazing Stop
Weldtool brazing stop is produced to prevent filler metals from touching base metal components, to fill holes, keep parts from sticking together during heat treatment, protecting threads from scaling, and to cut milled areas free from molten areas. WT Braze 1a is mainly for general brazing applications. WT Braze 2a is a unique earth composition mainly used on titanium and other reactive base alloys. Both braze stops are available as tape, paste and water-based paint.

Bind-Brazing Gel
Weldtool Bind-Brazing gel is mainly used for mixing metal powders to create brazing pastes that are free-flowing. It is available in 500 gm. jars.

  • The viscous bind-brazing gel is made from water and non-hazardous polymers that are designed to  burn off leaving little or no residue.
  • The water-based bind-brazing gel will mix well with powder brazing metals and create a smooth paste.