AWS A5.10
ER 1100
AMS 4180
AMS 4102
UNS A91100

Aerospace Material Specification 4180 is aluminum alloy AL 1100. Its main use is for welding base metals made of similar compositions. This alloy has a high resistance to weathering and chemical attacks. It is considered a soft alloy. AL 1100 has great welding characteristics and is used as a filler alloy. One of this alloy’s most desirable characteristic is its bright finishes that are obtained through anodizing.

Available in multiple diameters and sizes in straight length wire and in spools.

                                                                                             Chemical Composition: 

Si + FeMnCuAlZnOther impurityOther element
0.950.050.05-0.2099 min0.100.050.15
Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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