AWS A5.9
AWS Class ER309LSi
UNS S30988

ER309LSi is similar to ER309L except it contains a higher silicon content which gives it improved wetting action. This alloy is good for general purpose GMAW welding, providing a smooth weld profile in welding applications of stainless steel plate and sheets. This alloy could have a somewhat higher crack sensitivity than other alloys with a lower silicon content, if the dilution of the base metal creates a fully austenitic weld or a low ferrite. ER309LSi contains a lower carbon content which allows for a reduction in the likelihood of intergranular carbide precipitation, and it has a higher resistance to intergranular corrosion. ER309LSi is best used in the welding of food service applications and beverage tanks.

Tensile Strength: 89,900 psi
Yield Strength: 60,500 psi
Elongation: 35%

Available in multiple sizes and diameters

                                                                                Chemical Composition (Wt%):


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