AWS A5.9
AWS Class ER347
UNS S34780

ER347 is a filler metal that allows for a reduced likelihood of intergranular carbide precipitation with the use of stabilizers, niobium and tantalum. ER347 was created for welding where maximum resistance is needed and the metal will be subjected to higher temperatures. This alloy is used to weld base metals of similar chromium-nickel stainless steel composition. This alloy is most often used in chemical and food processing industries where higher temperatures are required.

Tensile Strength: 91,000-96,000 psi
Yield Strength: 65,000 psi
Elongation: 41-42%

Available in multiple sizes and diameters in spool and wire rods.

                                                                                 Chemical Composition (Wt%):

SiMnCuMoSNiCrPCNb + Ta
0.30-0.651.0-2.50.750.750.039.0-11.019.0- x C) min - 1.0 max
Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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Er347 stainless steel data sheet