AWS A5.9
AWS Class ER218
UNS S21880

Nitronic® 60W is also known as ER218. This alloy, over a range of temperatures, has a high strength and toughness due to it being an austenitic stainless steel. This alloy is often welded with base metals that are similar in composition, as well as dissimilar alloys, such as mild steels. ER218 is often used in applications for engine valves and other places where galling resistance is needed.

Yield Strength: 85,000 psi
Tensile Strength: 123,000 psi
Elongation: 15%

Available in multiple sizes and diameters

                                                                                Chemical Composition (Wt%): 

SiMnCuMoSNiCrPCNFe max0.75 max0.028.617.

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