AWS A5.10
ER 2319
AMS 4191
UNS A92319
USWC 4191(C)

Aerospace Material Specification 4191, alloy 2319, is aluminum alloy 2319. The specification covers filler metal for us in gas-metal-arc or gas-tungsten-arc welding of aluminum alloys in similar composition.

Alloy 2319 is commonly used in high strength structural and aircraft applications. This alloy is typically used when greater resistance to stress corrosion cracking is desired.

Available in multiple diameters and sizes in straight length wire and in spools.

6.3cu – 0.30mn – 0.18zr – 0.15ti – 0.10v

                                                                                             Chemical Composition: 

SiFeMnCuZnMgAlBeTiVZrOther impurityOther element
Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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alloy 2319, ams 4191 aluminum data sheet