Alloy 4145
AWS A5.10
AMS 4184
UNS A 94145
USWC 4184(C)

Aerospace Material Specification 4184 is aluminum alloy 4145 in two forms of welding wire. Alloy 4145 is developed as a brazing alloy and typically used as a filler metal for gas-tungsten-arc and gas-metal-arc welding of aluminum of similar composition, heat treatment, and corrosion resistance; although, usage is not limited to such applications.

10si 4.0cu

                                                                                             Chemical Composition: 

SiCrFeMnCuZnMgAlOther impurityOther Element
9.3-10.70.15 max0.08 max0.15 max3.3-4.70.20 max0.15 maxBal0.05 max each0.15 max each

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ams 4184, aluminum alloy 4145 data sheet