AWS A5.10
AWS A5.10 R4047
AMS 4185
UNS A94047
USWC 4185(C)

Aerospace Material Specification 4185 is aluminum alloy 4047 brazing alloy. Alloy 4047 is similar to alloy 4043 but alloy 4047 contains a higher silicon content, providing increased fluidity and reduced shrinkage.  This alloy has a low melting range, excellent corrosion resistance, and sustainability in elevated temperatures.

Available in MiG and TiG forms. Available in multiple diameters and sizes in wire and spool. 

                                                                                              Chemical Composition:

SIFeMnCuZnMgAlOther ImpurityOther element
11-130,08 max0.150.30 max0.20 max0.10Bal 0.05 max0.15 max

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