AMS 4787
PWA 698
UNS P00827
AWS A5.8 BAu-4/BVAu-4

WT BAu-4 can be used on any of the common ferrous, non-ferrous and super alloys. It wets a wide range of high temperature iron and nickel base alloys. It doesn’t alloy excessively with these materials nor did produce the severe intergranular penetration normally associated with these nickel base brazing alloys containing boron. Typical applications include brazing of electron tubes, vacuum tubes, brazing of fuel line assemblies and aero-engine components. Available in multiple sizes and diameters.

Color: Nickel Gray
Melting Point: 1742 °F
Density (TOz/in3): 8.41
Electrical Conductivity (x106/ (ohm*m)): 3.70
Electrical Resistivity (x10-9 ohm*m): 274
Elongation (%): 14 CTE (x10 -6 / ⁰C): 17.5
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m*K)): 28
Yield Strength (MPa): 686
Tensile Strength (MPa): 792

Typical Chemical Composition (Wt%)

AuNiCdPPbCOther volatile elements eachVolatile elements totalTotal non-volatile elements (Grade 1)Total non-volatile elements (Grade 2)Zn
82.0 ± 0.5BAL0.0010.0020.0020.0050.0020.
Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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WT BAu-4 gold brazing filler data sheet