AWS A5.9
AWS ER309/ER309L
UNS S30983/ S30980

ER309/ER309L is similar in composition to E309/309L, with the minor difference of the carbon being lower than 0.03% in ER309/ER309L. The lower carbon content allows for a reduction in the likelihood of intergranular carbide precipitation without having to use a stabilizer such as titanium. Filler metals of this classification are commonly used for welding similar alloys in the wrought or cast form. They are also used to weld Type 304 and similar base metals where severe corrosion conditions exist requiring higher alloy weld metal. They are used in dissimilar metal welds, such as joining Type 304 to carbon steel. This grade may be used for joining and overlay of stainless steels similar in composition. ER309L is ideal for industrial and furnace boiler parts, annealing chambers, heat exchangers, and fused salt treatment installations.

                                                                                Chemical Composition (Wt%):

Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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ER309/ER309L Stainless steel data sheet