AWS A5.4
AWS E309/309L (-15,-16,-17)
UNS W30910/ W30913

E309/E309L-16 has a reduced possibility of intergranular carbide precipitation, increasing the resistance to intergranular corrosion without the use of niobium. Deposits are not as strong at elevated temperatures as the niobium-stabilized alloy or E309H deposits. E309/309L is commonly used for welding dissimilar steels, such as joining Type 304 to mild or low-alloy steel, the welding of clad steel to Type 304 clad steels, welding the first layer of E308L, welding and applying stainless steel sheet linings to carbon steel. Embrittlement or cracking can occur if these dissimilar welds are subjected to a postweld heat treatment or to a service above 700 Fahrenheit. If a postweld heat treatment of the carbon steel is essential, the total procedure, welding and heat treatment, should be proven prior to implementation.

Available in multiple sizes and diameters. Also available in -15, -16, -17 coating.

                                                                                Chemical Composition (Wt%): 

Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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