AWS A5.16 ERTi-3
AMS 4951

ERTi-3, Titanium Grade 3 welding alloy in welding wire, rod, and electrode form; available in sizes 0.005″ to bar. ER-Ti-3 is a commercially pure, CP, titanium that is higher strength. Due to its higher strength, it is best when used in instances where higher strength reduces metal thickness is needed. Titanium Grade 3 is ideal for applications in the aerospace, chemical processing, medical, and marine industries where moderate strength and major corrosion resistance are needed.

Tensile Strength: 65,000 psi
Yield Strength: 55,000 psi
Elongation: 18%

Available in multiple sizes and diameters

                                                                                 Chemical Composition (Wt%):

Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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ERTi-3 titanium data sheet