Diameter:                             .045”                                          1/16”
Current:                               DCRP                                        DCRP
Amperage:                         150-200                                    175-350
Voltage:                                21-28                                         24-28
Wire Extension:               1/2”-3/4”                                     1/2”-1“
Shielding gas:      Open arc wire or CO2          Open arc wire or CO2

Weldamatic R-101 is self-shielding and can be used in applications that require abrasion resistance. It is often used in applications of blades, cutter, tillage tools, conveyor screws etc. Weldamatic R-101 uses DC straight or reverse polarity. It has no machinability, grinding only, excellent cross checks, good abrasion resistance, moderate impact strength and a hot wear service of 1100°F. Hardness as deposited (2 layers) is 58-62 with 2 to 3 layers recommended.

Contains: carbon, silicon, chromium, manganese
Shielding gas: 75% Ar, 25% CO2 or 100% CO2

                                                                       Chemical Composition: 


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Weldamatic r-101 hardfacing wire data sheet