Diameter:          1/8”          5/32”             3/16”          1/4″
Current:            DCRP        DCRP            DCRP          DCRP
Amperage:     125-140       140-160       175-200       200-250

Hardness as deposited: 45-50
Work Hardened: 60-62
Deposit Layers: Multiple

Weldite A is a versatile hardfacing electrode, containing the highest deposit rate. It can be used for buildup and hardfacing on parts. Weldite A has a fast freeze. It is often used on jaw plates, wobblers, etc.

Weldite A has an excellent impact strength and abrasion resistance, no machinability and small crosschecks. The type of current is AC or DC, straight or reverse polarity.

Contains: Carbon, manganese, and chromium.

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