Diameter:        1/8”            5/32”            3/16”            1/4″
Current:         DCRP          DCRP            DCRP           DCRP
Amperage:    125-140      140-160       175-200       200-250

Deposit Layers: Multiple
Hardness as deposited: 15-20
Work Hardened: 45-50
Tensile Strength: 144,000 psi
Elongation: 40%

Weldman 3 is a manganese electrode that is often used for build-up or overlay manganese, low alloy and carbon steels. It is good for use in hardening chromium austenitic manganese steel. Weldman 3 deposits are tough and they work harden rapidly under high impact.

Weldman 3 has a high impact resistance, fair abrasive resistance. The type of current is AC or DC, straight or reverse polarity.

                                                                                Chemical Composition (Wt%): 

Note: Values are approximate

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Weldman 3 hardfacing electrode