Diameter:                .045”          1/16”          7/64”
Current:                 DCRP           DCRP         DCRP
Amperage:           145-195       150-275      350-450
Voltage:                 18-24            25-28           26-30
Wire Extension: 1/2”-3/4”       1”-1 ¼”        1 ½”-2”

Hardness as deposited: 15-22 
Hardness as work-hardness: 48-55 
Tensile strength: 120,000 psi 
Yield Strength: 70,000 psi 
Elongation in 2 in.: 42% 
Maximum layers: Unlimited

Weldman A1 is a hardfacing wire that produces a high strength deposit that work hardens rapidly under impact. Best used for buildup/joining manganese steels, carbon steel and low alloy steel, where parts are subject to impact and abrasion. It is self-shielding. It is often used in applications of impactor bars, railroad crossings and crusher rolls. Weldman A1 uses DC straight or reverse polarity. It has poor machinability, no surface checks, high impact resistance and fair abrasive resistance.
Contains: carbon, silicon, nickel, chromium, manganese

                                                                        Chemical Composition:


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Weldman A1 hardfacing welding wire data sheet