AWS A5.28/ASME SFA 5.28
AWS Class ER120S-G
EN 12534


WT 120S-1 is a low alloy welding wire used in MIG and TIG welding. It has a high strength and low temperature toughness. It has a good resistance to cold cracking and is often used for joining large manufacturing as well as high strength pressure vessels.

Available in multiple sizes and forms.

Welding Parameters:
Spray transfer:
.035”: 160-200 AMPS; 28-32 Volts: 98 Ar/2 O2
.045”: 180-220 AMPS; 30-34 Volts; 75 Ar/25 CO2

Short Arc:
.035”: 100-140 AMPS, 22-25 Volts, 100% CO2
.045”: 120-150 AMPS, 23-26 Volts, 75 Ar/25CO2

Tensile Strength: 137,785 PSI
Yield Strength: 129,080 PSI
Elongation: 16%
CHARPY V NOTCH @ -40°F: 66 Joules

Typical Chemical Composition: 


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