AWS A5.8
AWS BAg-24
AMS 4788
Silver Alloy 50Ni2
UNS P07505

WT 50Ni2, BAg-24, is widely used to wet nickel and iron based alloys. It is very fluid at its low flow point, which the low flow point minimizes oxidation during brazing of stainless steel. It has the capability to quickly fill long/narrow joints. It is frequently used to join 300 stainless steel and in most exposures where the base metals are suitable can stop interface corrosion. With the nickel, 50Ni2 can be used in the joining of tungsten carbide inserts. Due to the alloy being cadmium free this can be used on food handling industry. This alloy should be heated quickly through the melting range because it has a tendency to have a separation of low and high melting constituents.

Brazing Temperature Range High: 1405°F / 763°C
Brazing Temperature Range Low: 1355°F / 735°C
Liquidus: 1305°F / 707°C
Solidus: 1220°F / 660°C

                                                                                             Chemical Composition:


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wt 50ni2 bag-24 silver data sheet