AWS A5.8/A5.8M BAg-13
AMS 4772
UNS P07540

WT 54 is a silver brazing alloy that has a long melting range (235°F), which is useful when wide gap joints are hand fed since semi-fluid alloys can be working across the gaps. Through the melting range, if heated slowly, it has a tendency to liquate. So it is preferable to use where assembly can be heated rapidly to brazing temperature. Flux is recommended. WT 54 is often used in furnace brazing because of its low zinc content. It is often used for making joints that are subjected to elevated temperatures, up to 700°F. Stainless steel butt joints furnace brazed with WT 54 can develop room temperature tensile strengths of 50,000-60,000 PSI with commercial joint clearances.

Brazing Temperature Range: 1625-1675°F / 885-912°C
Color: White
Liquidus: 1575°F / 857°C
Solidus: 1325°F / 718°C
Electrical Conductivity (%IACS): 49.8
Specific Gravity: 9.63
Electrical Resistivity (Microhm-cm): 3.46
Density (Troy oz/in3): 5.07

                                                                                             Chemical Composition:

54% (±1.0)40% (±1.0)5% (±2.0)1% (±0.5)0.15% max

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BAg-13 WT 54 silver brazing alloy data sheet