AWS A5.34
TNi 6625-01/4

WT 625 FC is a nickel base flux-cored alloy that can keep its strength up to 1500°F and resist corrosion against temperatures up to 1800°F. Preheat and postheat should be kept to a minimum or according to the base material. WT 625 FC produces an undiluted Fe weld deposit of 1.0% max. Typical applications include overlaying steel, joining stainless, and welding various nickel alloys. WT 625 FC is good for joining stainless due to its supplemental Mo required to prevent pitting corrosion.

Welding Parameters:
Type:        Size:           Volts:        Amps:       Stickout:       Shielding Gas:
FC-G         .045”         25-32      150-250          ½”         CO2 or Ar-CO2 mixture
FC-G         1/16”        23-30      150-300           ½”         CO2 or Ar-CO2 mixture

Properties (minimum):
Tensile Strength: 100,000 psi
Elongation: 25%

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WT 625 FC Nickel Flux Cored Data sheet