AWS A5.34

WT 625 FC-T1 is a nickel base flux-cored all position alloy that can keep its strength up to 1500°F and resist corrosion against temperatures up to 1800°F. Preheat and postheat should be kept to a minimum or according to the base material. WT 625 FC-T1 produces an undiluted Fe weld deposit of 1.0% max. Typical applications include overlaying steel, joining stainless, and welding various nickel alloys. WT 625 FC-T1 is good for joining stainless due to its supplemental Mo required to prevent pitting corrosion.

Welding Parameters:
Type:        Size:           Volts:        Amps:       Stickout:       Shielding Gas:
FC-G         .045”         25-32      150-250          ½”         CO2 or Ar-CO2 mixture
FC-G         1/16”        23-30      150-300           ½”         CO2 or Ar-CO2 mixture

Properties (minimum):
Tensile Strength: 100,000 psi
Elongation: 25%

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WT 625 fc-t1 nickel flux cored data sheet