AWS A5.28/ ASME SFA 5.28
UNS K30960

WT 90S-B3 is a creep resistant steel that need control of interpass temperatures, preheat and post heat is needed to avoid cracking. With this care is also needed when using this wire in the as-welded condition due to its high strength levels. It is often used in chemical industries for pipelines and pressure vessels with temperatures of around 1100°F. While preheat and interpass temperatures are usually kept between 375-425°F, and post weld heat temperatures are usually 1275°F for 1 hour.

Tensile Strength: 90,000 psi min.
Yield Strength: 78,000 psi min
Elongation: 17% min.

Available in multiple sizes and diameters.

                                                                                 Chemical Composition (Wt%):

Note: Single values are maximum unless otherwise noted.

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WT 90s-b3 low alloy steel data sheet